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We specialize in developing business plans for small and medium-sized business buyers who make use of SBA financing. We will make the process easier for you

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Providing Concierge-Like Service for SBA Financing Business Plan Writing

At SMB Business Plans LLC, we understand the challenges faced by first-time buyers in writing business plans for SBA financing.


Facilitated SBA Loans. Proven expertise in securing substantial financing for business acquisitions.


Years in SBA Lending Insights. A decade of hands-on experience with SBA lender banks.


Approval Rate. Exceptionally high success rate in SBA loan approvals through our tailored business plans.


Satisfied Clients. A growing number of business buyers successfully guided through the acquisition process.
Why us

Unlock Business Potential with Our Expert Plan Writing

Are you a first-time business buyer using SBA financing? Our full-service business plan writing offering is designed to make the process easier for you. Our team of expert writers will create a professionally written business plan tailored to meet the requirements of SBA lenders.

Expertly crafted business plans for successful acquisitions

In-depth industry research to support your business acquisition

Consultative planning for tailored operational strategies.

Personalized guidance from start to finish

Business plan catered towards your specific deal


Matthias was essential to the SBA7A loan process. His knowledge and guidance were priceless in helping me navigate the lender side of my deal. I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to secure a SBA7A or SBA Express loan.

James Pridgen


Matthias is the best. If you are thinking about acquiring a business with an SBA 7a loan, your first call should be to Matthias. He helped me navigated a complex SBA transaction, was always willing to roll up his sleeves and help and was always quick to respond to my texts and calls.

Ryan Junee


Matthias went to bat for us. We worked with Matthias for a business acquisition in the midwest using an SBA 7a loan with an SBA Express Line of Credit. He was very helpful, supportive and resourceful to help us get across the line.

Mohammad Ehaab


Matthias was fantastic to work with on my business acquisition. Very knowledgeable about the ETA/SBA loan space, and a great resource for many aspects of your deal, not just navigating lenders. All at no cost to you as the buyer. It's a no-brainer to use Matthias.

Joe Foster


Matthias is a rock star that anyone would want working on their deal. He was crucial to unblocking my lender and getting my deal done on time. I would highly recommend anyone who has an SBA eligible deal close or under LOI to reach out to Matthias.

Nick Stager


Matthias was a HUGE help in the SBA loan process. He knows the banks, he works longer hours than I’m interested in working, and he’s a great advocate to have on your side. All of that and it costs you nothing to with with him. Make your purchase easy and reach out to Matthias.

Dave Richardson


Matthias was incredibly helpful throughout the process and I would not have gotten a deal done without him. Highly recommend using Matthias for your SBA loans.

William Wei


Matthias is a man on fire. I've worked with him many times on SBA transactions. His grit and determination to find solutions for his clients is second to none!

Eric Pacifici


Matthias is the first call for anyone seriously looking to secure SBA 7a loan acquisition financing. His effort, attention to detail, and knowledge of SBA financing is second to none.

Collin Gates


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What we offer

Full service business plan writing

Get a tailored business plan for just $2,500. Our package includes a dedicated specialist, in-depth industry research, SBA financing support, and a fast, quality-assured service. Streamline your business acquisition with our expert guidance and customized solutions.


The full service business plan offering will include the following:

Professionally written plan
Industry research
SBA financing support
Quality assurance
Customized for your business
Fast turnaround time
Expert business advice

Meet the founder

With a passion for helping business buyers, our founder, Matthias Smith, is focused on simplifying the process of navigating SBA financing for business buyers.

His team at SMB Business Plans LLC will help you as the business buyer with having a high quality business plan written that will present well to SBA lenders.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any other questions, contact us.

What is SMB Business Plans LLC's specialization?

SMB Business Plans LLC specializes in developing business plans for small and medium-sized business buyers who are using SBA financing for business acquisitions.

What is the process for creating a business plan?

The process involves completing an intake questionnaire, scheduling a call with a business plan writing specialist, and then receiving a customized business plan tailored for SBA financing.

What are the key features of the business plan service?

The service includes full-service business plan writing, in-depth industry research, SBA financing support, quality assurance, customization for your specific business, fast turnaround time, and expert business advice.

How much does it cost to have a business plan written?

A flat price of $2,500 for the full-service business plan package.